Drop in the Bucket


March Madness for Drop in the Bucket

February 2016 was completely crazy for the Drop in the Bucket food pantry. Our numbers had been down significantly the past five months and we wondered if that was a sign that we needed to downsize or possibly discontinue DIB. Well, our numbers for January/February up by about 1/3! One week we had 98 people with 25 NEW intakes (we normally have 8 or 9). That's the largest number since August. We used up all the Snack Sacks (for folks without cooking facilities) and even made up another dozen or so for the surge. Monique and Heather stayed afterwards and putting together another dozen or so Snack Packs. Those gallon-size ziplock bags were stuffed to the gills! (Yes, a mixed metaphor.)

We were able to score a good price from the Food Bank for some small (7 oz.) pop-top generic "spaghettios" for snack sacks. Our last order from the Food Bank was about 1,200 pounds, so both Jay and Jeff had to use their trucks . . . can you believe some guy lifted a case of chocolate chip cookies from the back of one of the trucks while the guys were unloading the food down to the pantry? Bob, one of our volunteers, saw the guy and gave chase (and luckily did not catch him; no sense getting into a fight for food). Jeff and Jay spent over five hours (each!) sorting out the 15 cases of free "repack" entrees that I ordered . . . lots of tuna, peanut butter and soups!

Anticipating a Mad March, it looks like we are getting a lot more folks without permanent addresses are requesting Snack Sacks (one wag, who shall remain anonymous, joked that when one guy living on the river got his snack sack, he got on his smartphone and organized a DIB flashmob!). We have plenty of Vienna Sausages, canned raviolios, granola bars, gummy fruit snacks, pudding cups, but could use some protein foods:

  • sandwich crackers (crackers with peanut butter or cheese)
  • peanut butter to go cups (approx. 1 oz. servings)
  • poptop cans of stew or beanie weenies (guessing 3 to 5 oz.?)
  • snack-size bags of nuts (at AM/PM you can get 2/$1)
  • poptop tuna or tuna salad
  • fruit cups
  • packets of instant oatmeal
  • hot cocoa packets
  • sporks (those spoon/forks that KFC has with a napkin)

DIB has a special thank you to Bob and Kay Kurvers whose extremely generous donation to Drop in the Bucket will fund about five truckloads of discounted groceries purchased from DIB's partner the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.
We are grateful for First Church's continued support (10 years!) of this ministry.

Jeff Spalin, Jay Stuart, and Nancy Wong, DIB co-coordinators