FUMF Fund Management and Giving Guidelines

First United Methodist Foundation, Reno, Nevada
Fund Management and Giving Guidelines

Uses of the Fund
• Seed funding for a new project or facility needs. This use will often occur when timing is important.
• Funding for a pilot program to use in fund-raising for expansion to a larger project.
• Completion funding for partially-funded projects or facility needs that are not as yet fully funded.

Application Process
• Application must be initiated by a member of FUM church. Requests for this funding from other applicants must be co-sponsored by a member of the church.
• Applications must be in writing and include the following:
o Brief description of the project – one page or less.
o Project budget.
o Timing critical to the content of the project.
o Connection to the mission and goals of FUM, Reno.

Criteria for Funding
• The project addresses FUM mission and goals.
• The project shows evidence of potential church and/or community service.
• The project is timely, of current interest.
• The project budget is realistic and practical.
• The project is important to facility and/or service needs of the FUM community.
• The project has potential for other on-going support (when applicable).

Management of the Fund
• Donors that designate funding for a specific area of use will be credited on those initiatives unless they request anonymity.
• The FUM Foundation will be credited on all projects that receive support from the Fund.
• No request will be funded for more than 50% (other percentage?) of the project budget.
• Any additional funding acquired subsequent to the FUM Foundation award may be applied toward replacement of the funds withdrawn.
• Fund management decisions will be made by a FUM management group consisting of:
o FUM Foundation Fund Management Committee;
o FUM Foundation President or designee;
o Representatives of appropriate committees of the FUM Church Council;
o Current FUM Pastor.