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We know that people choose First Church for a variety of reasons, including the beauty of the Sanctuary. While we agree that the setting is a lovely one, we do not “rent out” the church. We do, however, provide a Christian marriage ceremony in the United Methodist tradition for couples desirintn wedding 2g such a ceremony. Although church membership is not required in order to be married at First Church, it is important that the couple have a sincere desire to acknowledge the sacred covenant nature of Christian marriage.

The landmark building that is First United Methodist Church houses a Sanctuary with traditional stained glass windows, a large organ and dark pews that can be the setting in which your wedding vows and prayers are made. The Sanctuary has a warm welcoming ambiance that accommodates up to 250 of your family and friends in a traditional setting. The Sanctuary is air-conditioned. Enhanced by the church’s excellent acoustics, the pipe organ and grand piano are part of an inviting atmosphere. There is easy access by public transportation and garagetn grove wedding 4 parking is located within a block of the church.

You do not need to be a United Methodist to be married at the First United Methodist Church. If you don’t have a home church, please join us Sundays. It’s a service that gets you in contact with God and sets the base for a great marriage in the years ahead. Although you don’t have to be a member of the congregation to hold your wedding here, one of our pastors will officiate. A pre-marital counseling session is required.

Here is a wedding brochure that outlines our expectations for how your families can begin to plan a joyful event. Click here.