We're so glad you decided to stop by the internet front door of Reno's oldest Church! This site exists to serve our members, our friends, and most importantly to make new friends. Whether you've recently arrived in Reno, are still planning a move, or have been here some time, we want to extend a warm "Welcome." It is our prayer that you find a church home that meets your spiritual, personal, and family needs. Reno First might be that home.

A "First-Time "Visitor might wonder if . . ?

It can be just a bit unsettling when you think about visiting a new church. Many questions can cross your mind about what we do, where to go, and what to say. We have tried to list some of the questions that visitors have asked over the years so that you will be completely comfortable on your first visit. By eliminating the "unknowns" beforehand, our prayer is that you will come worship with us and experience God's love.

Should I visit just the worship service, or perhaps include Sunday School?

It is completely up to you, but you would be comfortable on "day one" should you include Sunday School. Besides, you can really get to know us better in a small group setting.
We have an active and effective Sunday School program for children and youth and look forward to welcoming your children. Children go downstairs to Sunday School after "A Moment for the Child in Us All" during the 10:00 a.m. worship service. Children's enrichment is available during the summer schedule.

Adult education classes are scheduled throughout the year. They provide an opportunity to meet and discuss issues of interest in small group settings. The Pastor regularly offers an Inquirers Class for people interested in joining the church or just learning about what United Methodists believe. Click Here to learn about "Educational Opportunities" and details on classes for all ages.

What about my children not yet in kindergarten or above?

Professional nursery care is available in the nursery (downstairs - see facility map) from 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. for infants and toddlers up to age three.

Children's Enrichment is available during summer months immediately after the Time with Children during worship. During the school year, Sunday School classes are held at this time for children ages 3 through Junior High.

May I meet the pastor?

The Pastor will be available as you exit the service by the side parlor door. Please introduce yourself and let her know you are a visitor. Please also feel free to complete one of the registration cards included in your bulletin or in a pew pocket to request a call from the Pastor.

What is fellowship hour?

We United Methodists love the opportunity to visit while enjoying food and fellowship, so we hope you will join us after the service in the Fellowship Hall for coffee and refreshments. Just follow the crowd. We'd love a chance to meet you!

How would I find my way around?

First, you must find our church. We are at 209 West First Street in downtown Reno. First Street borders the Truckee River. (See City Map).

Limited parking is available on the surrounding streets, but ample parking can be found at the Parking Gallery at the corner of First and Sierra Streets, only one block away. The ushers will be happy to validate your parking ticket. (Click Here for detailed directions with Map for the Parking Gallery.)

If you discover only one thing about Reno First, it will probably be the friendly nature of all who attend here. A smiling face will always be available to provide directions, but if you like to "strike out on your own" that's fine, too. Use our facility map to help you get your bearings.

During worship, ushers are always available in the entry area (called the narthex) to guide you and answer your questions. If you arrive late for worship, it isn't a problem. The ushers will help you find a seat at a convenient time.

What should I wear to church?

There is no right way to dress at First Church. Some people wear their Sunday best, and others dress very casually. Wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Are there customs in worship that might be strange to me?

We hope that nothing you experience at Reno First will ever make you uncomfortable, but the "unknown" can make anyone a little uneasy. You might ask,

"Do they sing a lot?" We sure do! Methodists love to sing.

"Do they recite memorized passages?" Not really, but you might think so because many members are so familiar with our regular service.

How will I know what to do next? Everything that happens in a worship service is printed in the Sunday bulletin that everyone receives at they enter. All page numbers are given for any song or passage used during the service. We just want you to be comfortable, and most importantly, we just want to meet you.

What's this "Passing the Peace?" It's "Welcome," "Hand shakes," "Howdy!," "Hugs," "Smiles," "Greetings," . . . You get the idea! Remember, we're a friendly and outgoing group of Christians!

What if they serve communion?

We practice Open Communion. What this means for you is that it is not restricted by membership or age. All who desire to receive the sacrament may do so. We provide Communion on the first Sunday of every month.